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Japanese blue called Japan blue

"Color" that exists around us
In fact, Japanese people have a unique way of thinking about colors since ancient times, and have a history of using each color with its own meaning.
For example, the color black.
The way of thinking and how to use it differs depending on the era and place, and there are types of black,
A certain black, created by the Yoshioka Constitution, came to be worn by the upper class as a stylish color.
Also, in the late Edo period, a certain black color was used as formal wear for samurai, as it was said that the dyed fabric would be hard and difficult for a sword to pass through even if it was cut.
The above are some examples, but there are many colors associated with Japanese samurai culture or samurai.
Among them, there is a color called “Japan Blue”.
That is "Ai".
There are various theories about how it came to be used, so I will omit it here. It is the color that was used.
Also, in the Kamakura period, samurai had a history of wearing indigo, which is said to be "brown".
This is expected to be due to the detoxification and hemostatic effects of indigo itself, and it was used for kimono and armor cords as an auspicious color associated with "victory" from the name.
At one point, indigo dyeing was on the verge of extinction as synthetic indigo became mainstream, but indigo craftsmen (indigo producers) and dyers who preserve the tradition of indigo have preserved this tradition to the present day. I have inherited it.
At Samurai Jeans, every season we plan to use indigo and send it to the world, hoping that it will be a way to preserve the tradition of indigo that our predecessors loved.
This is a dyeing and weaving factory that produces samurai original indigo fabric.
Dyeing and weaving factories, in other words, we consistently perform "dyeing and weaving" and "weaving", which is often divided into labor.
By repeating dyeing in the state of skein yarn and performing the process consistently, it is possible to reborn into a beautiful fabric with the original texture of indigo while making the most of the color and texture of each thread. I'm listening.
Recently, there are many overseas products and fabrics for indigo dyeing,
There are certainly fabrics that can only be made here.
There is the experience and knowledge of a craftsman who loves indigo, as well as an insatiable spirit of inquiry that, even though he once said "difficult" to the unreasonable task posed by the samurai, somehow manages to make it a reality.
Fabrics made by people you truly respect.
The fabric fades with use over a long period of time, but the fabric becomes more astringent as memories are soaked in.
Please check it by yourself.
SSS22-01 Aizen Futoshi Oxford Shirt (arrival in September)
SSS22-02 Indigo dyed slab work shirt (arrival in September)
SKN22-01 Indigo Dyeing "Amegasuri" Flannel Shirt (arrival in September)

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