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Denim made in Japan produced by "Samurai"

"Samurai Jeans = Heavy Ounce Denim"
Heavy ounce is one of the most essential elements when talking about samurai jeans.
Denim used for jeans is generally 13 to 14 oz, and thinner, thinner and lighter fabrics of 10 to 12 oz.
However, Samurai has been particular about heavy ounce denim from the 15oz denim specification of the first generation S510XX, and its history has continued since the brand was founded.
Samurai jeans with 15 oz denim specifications were born from the desire to create tough and sturdy denim that reminds us of samurai, a symbol of strength, and jeans that are unique.
And from the pursuit of even more heavy ounces, special rough 17 oz denim with No. 5 uneven yarn, 21 oz denim that broke the common sense that heavy ounces do not fade well, 24 oz / 25 oz denim that can be said to be the culmination of heavy ounces, etc. We have produced new heavy ounce denim one after another.
We are proud that there is no other heavy ounce denim that is not only thick and durable, but also has a thorough attention to color fading and texture.
Samurai Jeans' insatiable spirit of challenge for heavy ounce denim never ends.
One of the attractions of samurai jeans is the wide variety of original denim.
Starting with yarn, everything from dyeing to weaving is different, and each is a selvedge denim with its own particularity.

The following exist even just for those that are deployed as standard.


Chivalry 15 oz Katami Selvage ( S0510XX , S0511XX , etc.)


・Zero 17oz Bushido Selvage ( S5000VX, S3000VX , etc.)


・Extreme 19oz Katami Selvage ( S710XX19ozS512BC etc.)


Geisha 16oz sexy selvage ( GA510LXX etc.)


15oz Japanese Soul Selvage ( S003JPS004JP etc.)


・Super pole 21oz selvage ( S510XX21oz , S520XX21oz , etc.)


18oz indigo + samurai cotton selvage ( S500AX , S511AX , etc.)


25oz special selvage ( 25oz series)



In addition, we also develop limited denim for each season, from special denim unique to limited projects such as indigo dyeing, persimmon tannin dyeing, super uneven yarn, black, unbleached, left twill, etc. There are a variety of heavy selvedge fabrics other than denim, such as back satin, duck, and hickory.





The original denim of Samurai Jeans is basically heavy, but it is not just heavy and thick, but the expression, texture, and color fading are emphasized.


From the selection of cotton, to the count and shape of the thread, the color, density, and number of times of dyeing, the number of weaves and how to apply tension, we are particular about all processes of denim making, and we are producing original denim.



"Creating heavy selvedge denim that is particular about color fading" is not an ordinary task.

The first step is to find a spinning factory that can produce uneven yarn for thick denim.


The normal process of rope dyeing and weaving with a power loom using thick uneven yarn as legitimate denim is just "thick yarn", which forces all the processes to be unreasonable.


In particular, when it comes to weaving, the fact that the thread is thick and highly uneven puts a strain on the loom, and thread breakage can cause the loom to stop.


Considering the quality and looms, it is risky to make such a non-standard fabric, but what made it possible is Samurai Jeans, who want to make the best denim in the world. There is nothing else but because the passion of both craftsmen matched.


Samurai Jeans denim production is supported by Japanese craftsmanship.




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